The Republic of Malta is a small country located in the center of the Mediterranean.

Since 2004, Malta is a member of the European Union and since 2007 is part of the Schengen area, in addition to this it is a part of the British Commonwealth.

The perfect combination of political and economic stability puts Malta on a par with major European countries. Economic growth was 4.2% in 2016; the country's credit rating is A with a positive outlook. The base currency is the Euro.

A warm Mediterranean climate, clean environment, a high level of safety and excellent infrastructure make Malta a great place to relax and live. And tax relief for residents give a significant advantage to business operations and capital allocation.

What does the status of an indefinite resident of Malta offers?

The freedom of movement and residence in the Schengen countries for you and your family

With the Indefinite residence of Malta you will be able to stay also in any country of the Schengen agreement

Safe place to live

You may permanently reside in Malta and have the opportunity at any time to go to Europe without visas and permits

The lack of taxation on private income derived outside Malta

Tranquility and confidence in the future

The indefinite resident of Malta receives a complete set of EU citizens' rights, except for the right to vote and the right to visa-free entry into the countries that are not part of the Schengen agreement, and along with this economic and political stability, as well as social security

Give yourself and your family the whole new level of living comfort and traveling in Europe.

The following persons have the right to participate in the Malta Residence & Visa Program:

the main Applicant

husband / wife

children up to 18 years without any restrictions (including the children from another marriage of each)

children over 18 years without any restrictions, if they are dependent on the Investor and are not married

parents* of the Investor and the parents of the husband / wife of the Investor

grandparents* of the investor and grandparents of the husband / wife of the Investor

* parents and grandparents have the right to participate in the program, if they are dependent on the Investor.

Advantages of the Indefinite residence program in Malta

  • 1

    accelerated process of the indefinite residence obtaining

  • 2

    obtaining of the resident status by all family members at once, including parents and grandparents for a lifetime

  • 3

    minimum number of days to be spent in Malta is not specified

  • 4

    low cost of processing

  • 5

    state guarantees

  • 6

    reliability of investment. Rating of Maltese bonds is "A"

  • 7

    government guaranteed return of the entire amount invested in 5 years

  • 8

    the ability to finance investments

Conditions of participation in the Malta Residence & Visa Program

Conditions of participation in the Malta Residence & Visa Program are regulated by Subsidiary Legislation 217.18

  1. investments in highly reliable Maltese government bonds in the amount of 250 000 Euro, for a period of 5 years
  2. contribution to the State Fund of Malta in the amount of 30 000 Euro.
  3. buying or renting a property in Malta for your own use.
  4. affidavit about wealth

Necessary documents for participation in the Malta Residence & Visa Program

  • valid foreign passport;
  • birth certificate;
  • marriage certificate (if applicable);
  • existing resident cards or identity cards issued by third countries;
  • an obligation that other qualifying requirements will be completed;
  • health certificate;
  • a certificate from the Maltese police, as well as a certificate from the police, issued by the competent authorities of the country of origin as well as the country or countries of residence where the Applicant has resided for more than six months during the last ten years;
  • affidavit of support for each dependent over the age of eighteen;
  • confirmation of availability of funds (bank statements, proof of income, investments, etc.);
  • summary;
  • officially certified translations of any documents that have been issued not in English.

The process of the Maltese residency

  1. signing of the contract on participation in the program with the officially authorized company
  2. payment of legal fees
  3. preparation of the Application
  4. filing of an Application for residency in Malta by the authorized company
  5. payment for due diligence check of the Applicants by Maltese security services (€5.500)
  6. decision on the Application for residency in Malta
  7. payment of the contribution to the State Fund of Malta (after a positive decision) (€24.500)
  8. meeting the requirements of participation in the program: the purchase of bonds, the purchase or lease of real estate in Malta
  9. a visit to Malta for biometric data submission
  10. obtaining of residency cards (valid for 5 years) by an authorized company
  11. bonds redemption and payback of investment in 5 years

In case of a positive decision on granting the status of an Investor Resident in Malta in the first phase, and, if they meet the necessary criteria, the next steps are guaranteed by the state.

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