New Zealand has attracted many foreigners who want to live
in this country year-round and have the opportunity to obtain citizenship.
Security and political stability, a high standard of healthcare,
and a comfortable climate are just some of the
advantages of life in New Zealand.

The best way to obtain the right to live in New Zealand year-round
are the two programs Investor and Investor Plus.

Advantages of New Zealand permanent residency
under the investment program

Investor or Investor Plus programs are the best way to obtain permanent residency in New Zealand

Conditions for participating in

New Zealand’s permanent-residency-by-investment program


Only 300 applications per year
  • an investment of at least 1.5 million NZD

  • additional funds/assets available in an amount
    of at least 1 million NZD

  • you must stay in the country
    at least 146 days per year

Higher priority
  • an investment
    of 10 million NZD

  • you must stay in the country
    at least 44 days per year

Requirements for invested funds or assets

Assets must be liquid

They are not for
your personal use

They must not be subject
to a pledge or in the form
of a loan obligation

They must belong to the investor
or under the joint ownership of
the investor and his spouse or children

They must have been obtained legally

They must be invested
within New Zealand

They must be invested
in real companies
or managed funds

They must have a
potential for improving
the country’s economy

Who can obtain New Zealand permanent residency

by Investor or Investor Plus programs?





  • Be under 65 years of age
  • Have business experience of at least 3 years (main investor only)
  • Be in good health (no serious illnesses and no need to resort to subsidized healthcare)
  • Proof that you have a good reputation

Suitable objects of investment

for obtaining New Zealand permanent residency under the Investor or Investor Plus programs

  • Bonds issued by the state or local authorities
  • Bonds issued by New Zealand companies and traded on the New Zealand securities market
  • Bonds issued by New Zealand companies with at least a BBB- or equivalent rating assigned by a globally recognized rating agency (such as Standard and Poor’s)
  • Bonds issued by banks registered in New Zealand
  • Shares in banks registered in New Zealand
  • Development of the real estate sector
  • Bonds from financial services companies
  • The investments must be transferred in a non-cash form through a bank or a financial services company that uses the banking system

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