The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a vast state on the Arabian Peninsula, is a global leader in oil production and the cradle of Islam, one of the world’s major religions.

The capital of this flourishing country is Riyadh. The ancient cities of Mecca and Medina house the greatest sanctuaries of the Muslim world.

Saudi Arabia welcomes millions of pilgrims annually, and since September 2019, the Kingdom has also opened its doors widely to tourists from around the globe. Travelers can explore historic cities, stunning desert landscapes and green oases, beaches of the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, and experience the unique culture and high-class service.

The largest and most stable economy of the Persian Gulf countries – $835 billion in 2021. A G-20 member country.

Consistently high economic growth rates averaging 2.3% per year over the last decade.

Highly capitalized and stable system: major banks (SNB, Riyad Bank, ANB) have assets exceeding $50 billion and a capital adequacy over 20%.

The stability and robustness of the banking system are guaranteed by the Royal Family, which is the key beneficiary of the country's oil and gas revenues and holds significant stakes in the capital of systemic banks.

Two types of premium residency in Saudi Arabia

for 1 year
In May 2019, to accelerate the economic transformation, its diversification, attract foreign investors, and demonstrate commitment to a policy of openness and sustainable development, the King of Saudi Arabia issued a decree establishing a dedicated service within the Ministry of Economic Development to process applications for the country’s Premium Residency from foreign investors.
Based on a Royal Decree from the Council of Ministers, a law and administrative regulation were developed in 2019 that clearly govern the process of granting Premium Residency status in Saudi Arabia to investors and their family members.

Benefits of Premium Residency

Residency without any requirements to stay in the country
Immediate residency for the entire family, including dependent adult children and parents
Advantageous tax residency without residency requirements
Visa-free entry and stay in the Gulf countries: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE
Fast and predictable opening of personal and corporate accounts
Allows working, conducting business, and acquiring any assets within Saudi Arabia

Additional Benefits


Granted indefinitely
to all family members
and inheritable
by descendants
Card issued
for 10 years
with automatic
Use of special
airport lanes,
just like citizens

Financial Benefits of Premium Residency

Banking advantages
  • The banking system is on the "green" list worldwide
  • Reliable operations with all popular jurisdictions: EU, Switzerland, UK, USA
  • Fast and predictable opening of personal and corporate accounts
  • Account opening free from constantly changing requirements
  • No restrictions on capital movement
  • Private banking available with placements from $1 million
Tax advantages
  • One of the few jurisdictions where holders of premium permanent residency are legally granted the status of a Saudi Arabian tax resident without the need to live in the country or shift the center of life interests to Saudi Arabia
  • No personal income or inheritance taxes
  • Agreements to avoid double taxation with nearly all popular jurisdictions
Business advantages
  • Opportunity to register companies and receive full support for business development under the foreign investment law
  • Employment of local and foreign staff
  • Acquisition of property for personal, commercial, industrial, and other purposes (except in the cities of Mecca and Medina)
  • Leasing of residential and commercial properties in Mecca and Medina for terms up to 99 years
  • Ownership and use of movable and other assets within Saudi Arabia: cars, yachts, airplanes, etc.

Conditions for obtaining premium residency

Temporary residency (issued for 1 year)
  • Payment of a non-refundable government fee of
  • SAR 100,000 (approximately $27,000)
    Ownership or lease of real estate
Permanent indefinite residency
  • Payment of a non-refundable government fee of
  • SAR 800,000 (approximately $215,000)
    Ownership or lease of real estate
After the expiration of temporary residency, it can be renewed by meeting the conditions again, or by transitioning to permanent indefinite premium residency.

Who can obtain
premium residency in Saudi Arabia

Main applicant
Children under 21 years
Male children aged 21–25
who are students
Female children
over 21 years,
Dependent parents
Permanent residency is inheritable by future children.
Required documents
and processing times
  • Valid travel passport
  • Certificate of non-criminal record
  • Health certificate and proof of no infectious diseases
  • Confirmation of Applicant’s Financial Solvency (provide a bank statement or documents of ownership for real or movable assets, issued no more than 3 months before in the Kingdom or abroad, as well as any other additional documents the Agency may deem necessary to request.
All documents must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, translated into Arabic,
and certified at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia.
Due to the establishment of a special service under the Council of Ministers, directly subordinated to the monarch and the Saudi Arabian Council of Ministers – a one-stop-shop concept has been implemented for processing investor applications.
The entire duration from application to receipt of premium residency cards should not exceed three months from the submission of the prepared dossier.



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