Stable and safe European Union and Schengen country.

Hungary is a member of the European Union and a party of the Schengen Agreement. Over the recent years Hungarian economy has showed a sustainable growth following consistency in domestic politics, which gradually puts the country in the same rank with leading European countries.

Hungary made success in transition from the position of a primary producer and low-cost labor supplier to the country managing highly developed industrial production and being one of Europe’s major trade and transport arteries.

The Hungarian Residency for exceptional reasons is only opportunity to third country nationals to be not only an EU resident, with visa free access to Hungary and EU without any limitations, but also remains the safest instruments for sovereign risks diversification and private wealth planning.

The safest way to European residency
All investments will be made upon residency cards are issued!

Only requirement
to get Hungarian residency

Processing time
Of the 5 years residency

  • Takes only 1-2 months

Investment into
real estate

  • During 6 months
    when residency cards are issued

Investment requirements

Minimum investment
EUR 155,000
With not less than 6 sq. m per applicant
Purchased by investor’s own funds
loans are not allowed
Residential ready-made property
(development projects or commercial property are not allowed)
Within 6 months upon residency are issued
If investment requirements are not met, the resident status is subject to cancellation.

Who obtains Hungarian residency

RP for 5 years
RP for 3 years
RP for 3 years
if they are:
  • students
  • financially dependent
  • not employed
  • do not have family and children
RP for 3 years
they are:
  • above 60
  • officially retired
  • financially dependent on the investor
RP for 3 years
The residency permit for the family members will be
issued in the same time with the main applicant.

Required documents

All applicants’ travel passports (with minimum 12 months validity)
Marriage certificate (if applicable)
All applicants’ birth certificates
Detailed bank statement for the last 6 months with minimum balance of EUR 200 000 as an investment ability
Detailed bank statement for the last 6 months with minimum balance of EUR 27 000 per main applicant and EUR 16,000 per additional family member as a leaving ability
Signed investment obligation
All applicants’ CVs
Health insurance
Criminal record certificate (applicable to applicants 14 years above)
Citizens of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine shall sign a declaration stating that they are not subject to EU and US sanctions


The procedural part of this type of residency may be initiated remotely by a Power of Attorney, and your visit to Hungary will be only upon approval of your application.
The procedural part for the whole family will take not more than 2 months!
  • Preliminary Due Diligence check, Service Agreement, Administrative, official, professional fees and 10% of the investment amount paid to the attorney’s escrow account.
  • Preparing documents with DH Private.
  • Residency application submitted by DH Private.
  • Application approved.
  • Plan your visit to Hungary to pass official procedures. Where necessary, a special single-entry visa will be issued.
  • Visit to the Immigration Office to have your fingerprints taken and make an official photograph.
  • Get residence cards issued and receive them.
  • Meet the investment requirements (real estate investment within 6 months upon residency cards are issued).
There is no obligation to settle in Hungary to renew this type of residency,
HOWEVER it is reqired to keep the investment over the entire effective period of the residency.
Residency cards will be reissued only with documents confirming investment
and applicant’s financial self-sufficiency.
The residency card of the main applicant, will be automatically reissued for five years, family member’s for two and then five years.

Administrative and professional fess

Main applicant, spouse and
minor kids:
EUR 30 000
administrative and official fees
EUR 30 000
Adult kids:
EUR 15 000
administrative and official fees
EUR 15 000
Main applicant’s parents:
EUR 30 000
administrative and official fees
EUR 15 000



Your request is accepted!