Thailand is located at the southwest of the Indochina peninsula and is one
of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Thanks to the
peaceful nature of its local people, Thailand has often been called
“the land of smiles”. Over the past four decades, Thailand has made
considerable strides in its socioeconomic development.

Thailand’s pleasant climate and opportunities for comfortable living are increasingly making the country
an attractive option for long-term stay visas. To meet this demand, the Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited (TPC)
under the country’s Ministry of Tourism and Sport has developed the Thailand Elite program, which
enables you to receive long-term residency in the country for a period from 5 to 20 years.

Advantages of a long-term visa for Thailand

Thailand Elite is the first and only government program worldwide
that allows foreign citizens to receive long-term residency for
a period of 5 to 20 years.

Popular options for participating in the Thailand Elite program


  • A one-term joining fee of $60,000

  • An annual membership fee of $600

  • The services of a personal assistant: you are accompanied in passing through immigration and passport control formalities, you get access to VIP waiting areas in airports, and an unlimited number of airport transfers (50–80 km) for all international journeys.

  • Recreation and health services: 24 visits per calendar year to a five-star golf club and spa, as well as an annual medical examination at a private clinic in Thailand

  • Government concierge service: you are accompanied through the process of immigration, obtaining a driver’s license, and work permit

  • You get a one-time opportunity to transfer your membership in Elite Ultimate Privilege by paying 20% of the current fees


  • A one-time joining fee of $30,000 for the main applicant and $22,500 for each family member

  • No annual membership fee

  • Personal assistant services:
    airport transfers (50–80 km) for all international journeys

  • Recreation and health services:
    an annual medical examination in a private clinic in Thailand

  • Government concierge service:
    accompaniment in immigration, receiving a driver’s license and work permit

  • It is not possible to transfer your membership


  • A one-time joining fee of $15,000

  • No annual membership fee

  • It is not possible to transfer your membership

  • Ability to raise your status to Elite Ultimate Privilege by paying $45,000

Obtaining a long-term visa for Thailand:
procedure, time it takes, and conditions

The decision on whether to issue long-term residency takes no more than 30 days. A long-term visa can be pasted into your passport and a Thailand Elite card issued at the country’s international airports

Long-term residency is issued two weeks after the TPC confirms that it has received the full payment

Before a successful applicant and any dependents receive their long-term residency, he/she must contact TPC seven days before arrival in Thailand and notify the company of the arrival time and airport

Long-term residency obtained through the Thailand Elite program does not always allow you to work in the country

Participants in the Thailand Elite program can visit or reside in Thailand for an unlimited amount of time during the long-term residency’s validity period

Long-term residency obtained through the Thailand Elite program does not allow you to obtain permanent residency or citizenship.


Individuals who actually
reside in Thailand for a
total of more than 180 days
per tax (calendar) year are
considered tax
residents of Thailand

Residents pay taxes on
income from local sources,
as well as on foreign income,
which has been moved to
Thailand during the same tax
year in which it was earned

If foreign income is
moved into Thailand in
the following tax year,
then income tax is
not levied on it

Individuals who are not
tax residents of Thailand
pay tax only on income
from sources within Thailand

Income tax for individuals
is charged according to a
progressive scale with a rate
up to 35%. Thailand has no
property tax. The rate of
corporate income tax is 20%.
The added value tax (VAT) is
levied at a rate of 7%

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