Effective from September 02, 2020, every applicant over 55 can take
advantage of the special Retirement in Dubai program,
intended for retiree applicants from all over the world.
The Special Residency will be valid for 5 years with the
possibility of further extending.

Advantages of residency in the UAE

UAE Residency will get it at once for 5 years


Fulfill one of the following criteria to participate
in the UAE Special Residence Program for Retiree Applicants

An active income
of no less than
$5.500 / month

no less than

Own property
in Dubai
for no less than

Residency at once for 5 years with the possibility of further renewing

Why Dubai?

Sunny Dubai

Dubai is known by its incredible sunny weather. In January – traditionally the coldest winter month – the average monthly temperature is about 20 degrees above zero, furthermore you can count on a 10-hour light day, consistently blue skies and warm weather all year round.

During the hot months, Dubai's state-of-the-art infrastructure is supported by the air conditioning system, which ensures coolness anywhere in the city outside of the beach, walking and jogging tracks.

One of the safest cities
in the world

Dubai is consistently considered one of the safest cities in the world. The National Agenda Index 2019 showed that 96.1% of UAE citizens (men and women) feel safe, as the country has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Owing to the modern metro, tram and taxi system, you can quickly, conveniently and safely move around the city.

Multicultural and

Although Arabic is considered the official language, Dubai is a multicultural center where English is the most widely spoken language. Dubai, home to more than 3 million people of more than two hundred nationalities, is a fascinating cosmopolitan fusion of cultures, religious faiths and values united under the banner of tolerance and diversity.

Outdoor activities

Access to outdoor activities is synonymous with Dubai. From strolling along sandy beaches to relaxing in beautiful gardens and promenades around Hatta – you will amuse yourself of a variety of opportunities to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Clean blue water, golden sand and fresh high-grade food from local chefs will allow you to maintain an active lifestyle for many years.

The world of tastes

In Dubai, all appetites, cultures and budget levels are taken into account. You will have a choice of hundreds and thousands of cafes, food vans and restaurants that offer cuisines of more than 200 nationalities. You will find both Michelin-starred chefs and street vendors cooking exotic international food. From Lebanese and Greek dishes to Argentinean or Japanese dishes – you can find everything in Dubai!

Convenient for travelling

Dubai International Airport connects more than 240 destinations by means of 140 airlines. Owing to hundreds of scheduled and low-cost flights, Dubai is considered one of the best airport cities in the world. Ideally located at the intersection of many destinations, it allows you to reach almost any point in Europe, Asia and Africa in less than eight hours. From here, you can not only get home quickly and easily, but also visit some exciting and exotic places to relax. Just a four-hour flight separates you from a short trip along the Maldives or a long vacation in Goa.

Desired quality of life

Dubai provides its residents with the most comfortable lifestyle, from at-home services to food delivery. This is a city of affordable luxury, where you can choose the quality of life you want. Dubai's economy is service-oriented. There are special applications to simplify the entire process of managing utilities, many local businesses are just a call away or a click away. You can easily find everything you need here – from house cleaning and cooking to driving a vehicle.

Not only for recreation

By getting a special visa for retiree applicants you will be able to continue your work in the well-designed Dubai ecosystem on habitual terms. Dubai is a hyper-connected business center built on a "sky is the limit" basis. This is a future-oriented city with a reputation for pioneering innovations and a growing community of innovators, businessmen and game-changers. This is the place where dreams come true.



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