Andorra is attractive to investors especially for its low personal
tax rate. By obtaining a residency permit for Andorra and living
within the country for more than 90 days per year, you gain the right to become
a tax resident of the country with all the advantages that brings, a great
banking system, and other privileges for Andorra residents.

The corporate tax rate is just 10%, and the income tax for individuals is just 10% if you exceed the threshold
of 40,000 euro in income in a year. There are no taxes on dividends, gifts, inheritance, or wealth.

Advantages of an Andorra residency permit

A residency permit and tax residency
in Andorra on the best terms

Conditions for applying for Andorra residency

by investment in state bonds

A bank account
in Andorra

and a deposit of at least
150,000 euro in it.

Investments in Andorra
state bonds

in an amount of at least 320,000 euro
and for the entire period that
you hold residency.

A deposit made out to the
Andorra Ministry of Finance
in an amount of 50,000 euro

for the main applicant and
10,000 euro for each
family member.

The temporary residency permit is issued for two years,
subsequently extended for 3 years, and then 5 and 10 years

Documents you’ll need

  • Valid passport
  • Bank statement
  • Documents proving a stable income
  • A statement from your country of permanent residence that you are not in arrears on taxes
  • Attestation that you have no criminal record
  • Proof that you hold real estate
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Birth certificates of children (if you have underage children)

All documents should be notarized, apostilled, and
translated. Documents 2–4 should have been issued no earlier
than 30 days before. Documents 5–8 should have been issued
no earlier than 90 days before.

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